What is a betting brokerage or bet broker?

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we can say that “Brokerage Services” companies act as intermediaries for bettors in placing bets and making accounts available in the various “bookies” and “exchanges”.

By signing up for a “Broker” we have access to a range of services in the area of ​​online betting that as an individual bettor or “trader” we would never have. Either we can, by skype, email or phone, give them an order to place a bet and they will execute that order in the best place and at the best price they can find at that moment, as they can provide us with accounts they have in the bookies and exchanges for this purpose and in this way we can place our own bets or “trading” in the operator that is most convenient for us.
From what we have just mentioned, there are several advantages for this way of carrying out our activity as bettors and/or "traders":
If they place the bets, following our directions by skype or other means mentioned above, it is as if from a single operator - the "broker" - we had access to several "players" - bookmakers and exchanges - and the guarantee that the bet will be placed at the best price on the market.

Furthermore, because the account belongs to the broker and not ours, we are also not limited in the amount of stakes to bet and therefore this situation is particularly advisable for winning high-rollers.
If we choose to be the “Broker” to provide us with one of your accounts in the bookmareks and/or exchanges indicated by us, we have the flexibility to act whenever we want, connecting us to the operator (“bookie” or “exchange”).
In the case of accounts provided by "Brokers" on "exchanges", the usual commissions are usually lower since, being the "broker" account, it benefits from the reduction factors promoted by the exchanges.

After an exhaustive research and tests carried out in Brokers, we indicate Bet-football as a suitable company for the bettor – punter, arber or trader – generalist but who can also be professional, who wants to have access to one or more bookies and/or exchanges and the flexibility of being able to place your own bets wherever you want or indicate to the company the markets where you want to bet and the stakes you want to use and leave it to the company to choose the best operator and place the respective orders.
Let's see how to formalize the registration in the company of brokerage services mentioned above: 

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